Corday Morgan Medal and Prize 2008 Winner

Corday-Morgan Medal and Prize current winner, Adam Nelson
Stephen Faulkner CChem MRSC
University of Manchester, UK

For pioneering contributions to the coordination chemistry and spectroscopy of the f-block elements, and for his application of kinetically stable metal complexes in the preparation of more complicated architectures.

Stephen Faulkner delivered a lecture associated with this award at a symposium in Oxford on 20 May 2009.

About the winner

Having grown up near Keswick, Stephen Faulkner did his degree and doctorate at the University of Oxford, moving to an Addison Wheeler Fellowship in Durham in 1993 and a lectureship at the University of Surrey in 1998. 

Since 2001, he has been at the University of Manchester, where he was promoted to a Professorship of Inorganic Chemistry in 2005. 

Stephen's research interests focus on the coordination chemistry and photophysics of the lanthanides and actinides, and on the use of stable building blocks in the controlled synthesis of multi-metallic complexes

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