Green Chemistry Award 2012 Winner

Professor Edmund Tsang
Professor Edman Tsang
University of Oxford

For his development of novel nanoparticulate catalysts which facilitate the the replacement of hazardous substances in some chemical manufacturing processes.

About the Winner

Edman Tsang obtained his PhD in Chemistry from University of Reading, UK (1991) after he graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnics University.
Following postdoctoral and Royal Society Fellowship research at the University of Oxford, he was appointed to a Lectureship and then Readership in Chemistry at Reading and on to a personal Chair in 2004. In 2007, he was appointed Professor of Chemistry and Head of Wolfson Catalysis Centre at the University of Oxford and also Tutorial Fellow at University College.
His main research interest is on nanomaterials and catalysis concerning energy and environment which includes developments of new catalytic technology for fine chemicals, cleaner combustion, green chemistry (oil, gas and coal utilizations), energy storages (fuel cells, hydrogen storage), energy efficient processes (carbon capture, CO2 catalysis) and energy production (i.e. photocatalysis), etc. He has published about 200 articles in these areas. 
Edman Tsang has particular expertise in the design and architecture of nanocatalysts, and his recent research has led to understanding of catalytic surface and also identified new directions leading to the design of more active and effective catalysts.
He holds Honorary Professorships of Wuhan University, Fudan University and Royal Society Kan Tong Po Visiting Professorship at Hong Kong Polytechnics University in PR China.

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