2018 Higher Education Teaching Award Winner

Dr Dylan Williams
Dr Dylan Williams
Department of Chemistry, University of Leicester


Awarded for creative contributions to diversifying modes of teaching and assessment of chemistry, for the rigorous evaluation of those methods and their generous sharing with the community.


About the Winner

I have worked in teaching focused role since completing my PhD in 2007. I have specialised in the development of student-centred learning experiences in Chemistry, mostly based on Context and Problem Based Learning (C/PBL). Since 2007 I have overseen the development and integration of C/PBL activities throughout the programme. I have also developed a problem-solving strategy to help support students working on these problems. 

My educational research focuses on the impact of the approaches I use. For example, I am currently researching the impact of C/PBL on student attitudes towards transferable skills development and comparing these attitudes with those of students taught using other approaches. 

My work has had a positive impact on the learning experience of students. As well as improving student performance, the C/PBL activities that I have developed improve the confidence of students when speaking in public, working in teams and solving complex problems. 

My work has also facilitated the adoption of active-learning approaches by colleagues at Leicester and beyond. My resources have been published as Open Educational Resources by the Royal Society of Chemistry and some have been adopted by other institutions. The C/PBL approach that I have developed is also used outside of the UK. 

I ensure that I disseminate my work to a wide audience to maximise my impact. I am a regular speaker at major chemistry education conferences and I have published my findings in peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and a member of a HEA Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) winning team. In 2007 the HEA awarded me a National Teaching Fellowship. 

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