Higher Education Technical Excellence Award 2017 Winner

UCL Chemistry Lab Technical Team
University College London


Awarded in recognition of the team's dedication, enthusiasm and innovation in preparing and operating the new third-year laboratory course in Chemistry

               UCL Chemistry Lab Technical Team

About the Winner

The technical team in UCL Chemistry teaching is a balance of experience and youth and this reflects the department's commitment to produce well trained and motivated technical staff for the future of the department and the wider chemistry community. There are 3 senior technicians, Alan Philcox, Phil Hayes and Crosby Medley, between us we have over 100 years of experience, which we are handing on to the youngsters, who are fairly recent graduates. There is a broad range of skill sets covering Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical engineering, and life sciences, within the technical team. In keeping with the departments commitment to further education we will be training an apprentice in analytical Chemistry. 

As the team matures areas of specialisation are developing, significantly in Health and Safety, Analytical Chemistry and laboratory management. The department is tailoring its practical teaching to reflect the departments diverse research activities, this is in line with UCL policy, 3rd year practical teaching offered an ideal opportunity to put this into practice and the work that the team put into this has led to this award, further changes will be made to practical teaching, a process that has been well received by our undergraduates, as well as the technical team who like the undergraduates have gained experience of the departments research activities and specialised techniques, such as X-ray diffraction. UCL chemistry is committed to the ongoing training of its technical staff.