Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2011 Winner

Dr. Tomislav Friscic
Tomislav Friscic
Cambridge University

Award for his work in developing solid-state methodologies which explore and combine new types of molecular self-assembly. 

About the Winner

Tomislav Friscic was born in 1978 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

He published his first research article in 1998 and obtained a B.Sc. degree in metal-organic synthesis and chemical crystallography under the supervision of Branko Kaitner, University of Zagreb, in 2001. This work was awarded the Dean's Award and, subsequently, the Award for outstanding undergraduate achievements. He then conducted doctoral studies on using cocrystals to direct the topochemical solid-state photosynthesis of strained cyclobutanes, cyclophanes and ladderanes, assisted by the Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing studentship, in the research group of Len MacGillivray, University of Iowa, USA.

He received a PhD degree in 2006 and his work was awarded at the University of Iowa James F Jakobsen Graduate Forum. He then took up postdoctoral research on the mechanosynthesis of pharmaceutical cocrystals and their use in controlling solid-state properties of drugs, working in the laboratory of William Jones at the Pfizer Institute for Pharmaceutical Materials Science, University of Cambridge. 

In 2008, Tomislav Friscic became a Herchel Smith Research Fellow at the Chemistry Department, as well as a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge. 

His research interests are in exploiting the inherent dynamic nature of the solid state in combination with principles of supramolecular chemistry for the development of a new, cleaner and energy-efficient chemical synthesis. 

In August 2011 he will be joining the faculty at McGill University, Canada, as an Assistant Professor.

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