Hickinbottom Award 2010 Winner

Matthew Clarke
Matthew Clarke
University of St Andrews

Awarded for his design and development of new and industrially applicable catalysts for asymmetric hydroxycarbonylation and the formation of tertiary carbon centres via hydroformylation.

About the Winner

Matt Clarke spent his early years in Cornwall and did his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Bath. He was awarded his PhD in 1999, for studies on the use of novel Pd and Pt catalysts in asymmetric synthesis, under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan M. J. Williams. This was followed by a move to St Andrews with post-doctoral work in the field of homogeneous catalysis and phosphine synthesis in the groups of David Cole-Hamilton and Derek Woollins. 

Matt was appointed to a fixed term lectureship at the University of Bristol in late 2001, but moved back to St Andrews in summer 2003 to take up a permanent lectureship, being promoted to Reader in 2008. 

Recent research has mainly concentrated on the design and application of new catalysts for a range of industrially relevant reactions. This effort combines organic synthetic methodology, with organometallic, co-ordination and physical organic chemistry, with the majority of our efforts concentrated towards improved methods of asymmetric synthesis.

Research prizes for the group's work include the 2005 RSC Meldola medal, the Thieme Synlett/Synthesis Journals Award, a Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Lectureship for 2008/9, and most recently, the RSC Hickinbottom Award for 2010/11.

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