Hickinbottom Award 2015 Winner

Dr John Bower
Dr John Bower
University of Bristol


Awarded for his research on the design and mechanism of broadly applicable transition metal catalysed processes for organic synthesis





About the Winner

John Bower obtained his MSci degree in Chemistry in 2003 from the University of Bristol. He then remained at Bristol to study for his PhD degree (2007) under the guidance of Professor Timothy Gallagher. During this time his research focused on the development of cyclic sulfamidate based N-heterocyclic methodologies and their application to natural product synthesis. His first postdoctoral appointment (2007-2008) was with Professor Michael Krische at the University of Texas at Austin where he investigated transfer hydrogenative strategies for carbonyl addition. He then undertook a second postdoctoral appointment with Professor Timothy Donohoe at the University of Oxford where he focussed on the use of olefin cross metathesis for heteroaryl synthesis.

In 2010, he was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and commenced his independent career at the University of Bristol. The group's research interests lie broadly within the area of asymmetric catalysis with a particular focus on metal-catalysed processes and their application to heterocyclic chemistry. A special emphasis is placed on the development of green processes (i.e. atom economy, step economy and selectivity). 

Current priority areas include: 

(i) the development of aza-Heck reactions, 
(ii) new cycloaddition reactions triggered by C-C bond activation and 
(iii) the development of enantioselective alkene hydroarylation reactions.

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