Industry Technician of the Year

The Industry Technician of the Year award is given in recognition of outstanding contribution made by an individual in a technical role, in industry.

2019 Winner

This Award was not awarded for 2019.

General information

  • Runs annually
  • The award winner receives 1000
  • The award winner will be chosen by an independent selection panel  

Guidelines for nominators

This award is for individuals working in a technical support role in industry, for at least one year. This will typically involve, but not exclusively, the planning and preparation of experiments, the preparation and management of chemical reagents/samples/analytes, or the management of chemical resources, such as instrumentation and its maintenance.


  • Both RSC members and non-members can nominate  
  • Nominees may NOT  nominate themselves
  • The award is open to nominees based in the UK or Republic of Ireland only 
  • Nominees must be working in the chemical science industry       


To make a nomination please use our online awards nominations system. If you are an RSC member please make sure you have the membership number to hand before accessing the online system.

During the application process you will be asked to provide:

  • One page supporting statement (up to 4500 characters, not including spaces) addressing the selection criteria below. 
  • One page CV for the nominee, which should include a summary of education and career. 
  • Names and contact details of two referees, who could provide a reference for the nominee. The referees do not have to be RSC members.             

When nominating recent Prize or Award winners, please remember that a person cannot be rewarded twice for substantially the same body of work.

The RSC reserves the right to rescind any Prize or Award if there is reasonable grounds to do so. All nominators will be asked to confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, there is no confirmed or potential impediment to their nominee receiving this prize/award related to their professional standing. Our Professional Practice and Code of Conduct can be referred to as a guide on expected standards.

Downloadable Files

PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader

Selection Criteria for RSC Awards

Our selection committees base their evaluations primarily on the overall quality of relevant contributions made by nominees and not simply on quantitative measures.

The selection committee(s) will consider the following aspects of all nominations as appropriate:

  • Professionalism - including reliability, organisational skills, accuracy, precision, consistency of approach and competency.
  • Contribution - including role played in team and examples of team working.
  • Achievement - including outstanding skills and expertise in the role, examples of inspiring colleagues, co-workers, students (at all levels) and similar.
  • Development - including examples of personal development, that of their colleagues and co-workers, identification of training opportunities and similar for the team, its members, and where appropriate, the organisation as a whole.
  • Personal Attributes - including examples of enthusiasm about the subject and their role within it, communication skills, and, where appropriate, leadership skills.  

Where appropriate, examples of how candidates have provided "inspirational", "innovative" and/or "creative" contributions and similar are encouraged.

Guidelines for Referees

  • The awards system will contact referees to inform them that they must provide reports (of up to 4500 characters, not including spaces) by 31 January.
  • We will contact nominators and referees of nominees with outstanding references after one week after close of nominations on 15 January once only.
  • Referees must state their relationship (if any) with the nominee and note any conflicts of interest.     

Selection panel

  • Roy Sandbach, Newcastle University (Chair)
  • Jacquin Wilford-Brown, AkzoNobel
  • Mark Gronnow, Biorenewables Development Centre
  • Keith Layden, Croda
  • Christian Jones, Nanoform
  • Alexander Alanine, Nanna Therapeutics    

Previous Winners

Industry Technician of the Year 2017 Winner

Megan Todd, Dupont Teijin Films UK Ltd

Industry Technician of the Year 2016 Winner

Barry Coope, Lubrizol

Industry Technician of the Year Award 2014 Winner

Colin Willis, Infineum

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