2018 Inspiration & Industry Award Winner

Project M 
Diamond Light Source


Awarded for running an outstanding nationwide citizen science chemistry project to engage UK secondary students and teachers in real-life research.


                     Project M team
The Project M team - Claire Murray, Laura Holland and Julia Parker

About the Project M team

Claire Murray was awarded her PhD in Supramolecular Chemistry from the University of Reading and then joined Diamond Light Source to work on the powder diffraction beamline. After completing a PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Cambridge Julia Parker worked on the powder diffraction beamline at Diamond, before joining the team designing and building the new hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline. Their research programs cover biomineralisation, catalysis, nucleation and crystal growth, with over 85 publications between them. Laura Holland graduated with a degree in Biology from Durham University and was Diamond's public engagement manager, running the public and schools engagement programme for more than 3000 visitors each year. Laura is now Head of Communications at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, seconded from her Diamond role. They actively support school and public engagement with science.

The Project M team, led by Claire, Julia and Laura, was based at Diamond Light Source in Harwell Oxfordshire and consisted of scientists, engineers, software scientists, technicians and science communicators from Diamond and the Wellcome Trust with help and support from education professionals. The driving force for the team was to challenge students' preconceptions about what research is, who can do it and how interesting and exciting it can be. 

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