Interdisciplinary Prize 2015 Winner

Professor Sally Price
Professor Sarah (Sally) Price
University College London


Awarded for transforming our understanding of the subtle differences in the crystalline organic solid state energy landscape and discovering new physical forms of organic molecules





About the Winner

Sally, officially Sarah, Price trained as a theoretical chemist at the University of Cambridge, specialising in deriving models of the forces between molecules from their wavefunctions.  She worked at the Universities of Chicago and Cambridge, before becoming a lecturer at UCL (University College London), where she is now a Professor specialising in Computational Chemistry. 

In developing the theory and computer codes to model the organic solid state, she has collaborated widely with experimental solid state chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, theoretical physicists and computational scientists, including leading the Basic Technology Project "Control and Prediction of the Organic Solid State". Sally has written over 200 scientific publications, mainly in Chemistry journals but also in leading Pharmaceutical Science, Crystallography Molecular Biology and Physics journals. Most of these originate from stimulating work with her 16 diverse PhD students and 18 talented postdoctoral research assistants, many of whom are still working in related fields.

Sally moved to Camden shortly after the birth of her second child over 25 years ago, and enjoys living in central London and, when possible, travelling to new places.

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