Nyholm Prize for Education 2015 Winner

Dr Nick Greeves
Dr Nick Greeves
University of Liverpool


Awarded for the creation and development of ChemTube3D, an internationally renowned, open education resource widely used in teaching chemistry at school and university





About the Winner

Nick Greeves is Director of Learning and Teaching, Senior Lecturer and Year 1 Coordinator, in the Department of Chemistry and Chair of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Working Group at the University of Liverpool.  A Cambridge graduate, he also obtained his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry there in 1986 with Stuart Warren. Nick then held a Harkness Fellowship with Barry Trost at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at Stanford University, California, and a Research Fellowship at Jesus College, Cambridge before joining Liverpool in 1989. 

His chemistry research focused on all aspects of organic synthesis, particularly the design, discovery, and development of new enantio- and stereoselective reactions and the application of these synthetic methods to the construction of various biologically active natural products. Novel organometallic reagents and catalysts, often based on lanthanides, important for carbon-carbon bond forming reactions were developed in collaboration with Helen Aspinall. More recently he has turned his attention to catalysis and the transformation of biomass to useful chemicals.

Alongside conventional chemistry research, Nick is the creator of ChemTube3D and co-author of two editions of the hugely popular 'Organic Chemistry' which are now intimately linked in a unique way enhancing the value of both components. He is interested in all aspects of Technology Enhanced teaching and learning including visualisation and simulation, lecture capture, preLab online exercises, personal response systems, and interactive textbooks. He has been an advocate for technology enhanced learning since before it was recognised as important. In recognition of these achievements, Nick was selected for a HEA National Teaching Fellowship in 2009 and Senior Fellow of HEA in 2014.

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