Ronald Belcher Award 2009 winner

2009 Ronald Belcher Award winner Micheál Scanlon
Micheál Scanlon
Tyndall National Institute, Ireland

Awarded for his work on electrochemical ion transfer between immiscible electrolyte solutions and the behaviour of biological macromolecules at these interfaces.

About the winner

Micheál Scanlon, originally from County Limerick in Ireland, is currently completing his PhD research with Dr. Damien W. M. Arrigan in the Life Sciences Interface Group at the Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork. 

His studies involve investigating processes of bio-analytical importance at polarised liquid | liquid interfaces or, as often termed, the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES). In particular he is interested in miniaturising these interfaces using solid-state porous membranes in order to increase the sensitivity of the analytical response and study any interesting phenomena that may occur at micro- and nano- liquid | liquid interface arrays in the presence of bio-molecules. Micheál has thus far co-authored 6 papers in this field.  

Micheál also completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at University College Cork where he won the Reilly Prize, awarded to the candidate who obtains 1st place in the final year chemistry examinations and has obtained 1st class honours, and an EMBARK Postgraduate Scholarship by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology (IRCSET) to complete his postgraduate studies.  

His interests lie in the field of (bio)electrochemistry, miniaturised polarised liquid | liquid interface arrays, and biosensors.

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