Ronald Belcher Award 2012 Winner

Mr David Collins
David Collins
Dublin City University

For outstanding achievement in the area of high temperature capillary LC and capillary LC related instrumentation development.

About the Winner

David Collins is currently completing his PhD studies with the Irish Separation Science Cluster based in Dublin City University. David originally graduated in 2000 with a B.Eng in Mechatronic Engineering from Dublin City University and the majority of his experience has been gained in the Aerospace and the Pharmaceutical / Medical Device industries. 

In 2005 David was awarded his M.Eng for his thesis on laser based surface metrology and later in 2007 David started his own engineering business, offering mechanical, electrical, and control system services to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors. In 2009 he joined the Irish Separation Science Cluster under the mentorship of Prof. Brett Paull, Dr. Dermot Brabazon and Dr. Ekaterina Nesterenko.

David is heavily involved in multidisciplinary research within the group particularly in the area of analytical instrumentation. Key areas of interest are high temperature liquid chromatography and the fabrication of polymer monolithic open tubular (monoPLOT) columns for use in liquid and gas chromatography. To facilitate his research David designed and constructed several novel pieces of analytical equipment, including a high temperature (+200C) segmented thermoelectric column heater capable of very fast ramp rates (>400C) and a flow through UV curing oven for the fabrication of long monoPLOT columns. 

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