Ronald Belcher Award 2013 Winner

Mr Dale Brownson
Mr Dale Brownson
Manchester Metropolitan University

For outstanding achievements towards the fundamental understanding of graphene as an electrode material and for contributions to the implications of this knowledge for the evolution of improved electroanalytical sensors.

About the Winner

Dale Brownson is currently completing his PhD research as a member of the "Banks Group" based at Manchester Metropolitan University, with expected completion during the summer of 2013. Dale originally graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 with a BSc (H) in Forensic Science with Criminology. 

At this early stage in Dale's career he has published over 22 papers with a h-index of 9 (Web of Science, May 2013) and has also contributed 2 book chapters whilst undertaking his PhD studies. Dale recently co-authored a book with his mentor Dr Craig E Banks, "The Handbook of Graphene Electrochemistry" (Springer Publishing, 2013).

Dale's PhD thesis is focused on expanding the horizons of graphene electrochemistry, which encompasses the exploration of fundamental understanding in addition to applications in sensing and energy related devices, however with particular focus on analytical aspects. 

Essentially Dale has explored the quantum understanding of electron transfer at graphene, providing acuity into sensor design and development where graphene (or graphitic) based electrodes are utilised in electroanalysis.

In addition to his interests relating to the investigation of the fundamental understanding of nano-electrochemical systems (graphene) and the exploration of "advanced" carbon (nano)materials for beneficial implementation within electrochemical devices, Dale's other research interests include the forensic applications of chemistry, with particular focus on analytical techniques.

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