Sir Derek Barton Gold Medal 2010 Winner

Ryoji Noyori
Ryoji Noyori
Nagoya University

For his visionary research in the design and use of chiral ligands in many transition metal catalysed reactions of fundamental significance

About the winner

Ryoji Noyori is President of RIKEN and University Professor of Nagoya University.  Noyori studied at the Kyoto University and obtained a master degree in 1963. After serving as an Instructor and receiving a doctor degree from the same university, he was appointed Associate Professor at Nagoya University in 1968. Noyori went to Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow and, shortly after returning to Nagoya, was promoted to Professor in 1972. He assumed his current positions in 2003. 

Noyori is best known for his initiation (1966) and development of asymmetric catalysis using chiral organometallic molecular catalysts. His original and versatile chemistry, particularly asymmetric hydrogenation with BINAP-Ru catalysts, is widely practiced worldwide in research laboratories and also in industry. In addition, he devised numerous organometallic methods for selective synthesis of biologically important substances. Furthermore, his pioneering study on supercritical carbon dioxide as a reaction medium and the discovery of hydrogen peroxide oxidation have contributed significantly to the promotion of Green Chemistry. 

He has a strong tie with the U.K. Noyori was appointed the Centenary Lecturer in 1989 and an RSC Honorary Fellow in 2000. He is a foreign member of the Royal Society, the US National Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Japan Academy. He received many prestigious awards, including the Tetrahedron Prize (1993), the Japan Academy Prize (1995), the Order of Culture (2000), the Wolf Prize in Chemistry (2001), and the Roger Adams Award (2001). In 2001, he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with K. Barry Sharpless and William S. Knowles.

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