Skinner Prize for the Best Poster Presentation

Henry Alistair Skinner (1916-96)

Professor Henry Alistair Skinner, known to his colleagues and students as Hank, was one of the UK's most distinguished thermochemists. 

After studying at Lincoln College, Oxford, Skinner was appointed to the staff of the Chemistry Department at Manchester University in 1944, where he remained for 38 years. 

Throughout his life, Skinner published about 200 papers and edited several books on the subject of thermochemistry; he was also a founding editor of the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. Skinner received honorary doctorates from the Universities of Lisbon and Oporto in Portugal, and a number of prestigious medals including the Royal Society of Chemistry medal for thermodynamics. 


In 1997 Professor H A Skinner, formerly at the University of Manchester, left £5,000 to The Royal Society of Chemistry to be used by the Faraday Division. A Skinner Prize has been established for ten years (from 1997) for students attending a Faraday Discussion meeting. 

Rules for the award are as follows and are for use by the Organising Committee:

  1. Candidates must be in membership of the Society at the time the award is made. 

  2. One Skinner Prize will be available for each Faraday Discussion meeting. 

  3. The award will be made for the best poster presented at the Discussion meeting. Multiple authorship is permitted. 

  4. A unanimous decision will be taken at the Discussion meeting by the members of the Organising Committee and their decision is final. 

  5. Details of the award winner(s) will be announced at the Discussion meeting. 

  6. A certificate and cheque will be sent to the award winner(s) after the Discussion meeting. 

Previous Winners

2016Yoan DelavouxQueen's University Belfast, UK192
2016Elizabeth Galati

Songbo Ni

University of Toronto, Canada

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

(joint winners)
2016Tim Sudmeier

Qiushi Song

University of Oxford, UK

Northeastern University, China

(joint winners)
2016Chuanping Meng

Edna Cabrera-Martinez

Macquarie University, Australia

University of Reading, UK

(joint winners)
2016Ross Griffin

Neil Robinson

University of Birmingham, UK

University of Cambridge, UK

(joint winners)
2016Jonathan Frost

Lauren Jamieson

Biophotonics Research Unit, UK

University of Edinburgh, UK

(joint winners)
2016Siddharth Kulkarni

Hisay Lama

Madhura Som

IIT Gandhinagar, India

IIT Madras, India

University of California at San Diego, USA

(joint winners)
2015Yasuhisa HottaKobe University, Japan185
2015Maurice LeeStanford University, USA184
2015Georgina GregoryUniversity of Bath, UK183
2015Beatriz Molero-SánchezUniversity of Calgary, Canada182
2015Daniela John

Igor Fedin

Fraunhofer Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung, Germany

University of Chicago, USA

(joint winners)
2015Alpana ThoratIIT Gandhinagar, India179
2015Lucie Stolcová

Mike Hardy

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Queen's University Belfast, UK

(joint winners)
2015Christoph SchnerdermannUniversity of Oxford, UK177
2014Yuxia Chen

Zhen Qi

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

(joint winners)
2014Yung-Kang PengUniversity of Oxford175
2014Sarah HollidayImperial College London174
2014Johannes Margraf

Arun Prakash Aranga Raju

University of Erlangen

University of Manchester

(joint winners)
2014Alexander Forse

Robert McSweeney

Christian van Engers

University of Cambridge

Univeristy of Nottingham

(joint winners)
2014Rebecca Boll

Thomas Kierspel

DESY, Germany

DESY/CFEL, Germany

(joint winners)
2014Gurpaul KochharQueen's University, Canada170
2014Tubiana ThibaultLaboratoire de Biochimie Theorique, France169
2014Rebecca Caravan

Robert Frigge

University of Leeds, UK

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

(joint winners)
2013Georg MenzlUniversity of Vienna, Austria167
2013Eugénia NogueiraUniversity of Minho, Portugal166
2013Hannah C PriceUniversity of Leeds, UK165
2013Aleksandra KarczmarczykPolish Academy of Sciences, Poland164
2013Edward J O'ReillyUniversity College London, UK163
2013Ian McPherson

Soon Wen Hoh

University of Oxford, UK

Cardiff University, UK

(joint winners)
2012Thomas Portet

Mohammad Rahimi

University of Washington

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech

(Joint Winners)
2012Eva PluharovaInstitute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czech Republic160
2012Mark Bewernitz

Johannes Ihli

University of Florida, USA

Leeds University, UK

(Joint Winners)
2012Isla ZhangUniversity of Bristol, UK158
2012Stephanie Harris

Lee Ch'ng

University of Bristol, UK

University of Sothern California, USA

(Joint Winners)
2012Alexander M. SmithUniversity College London, UK156
2011Celine MerletUniversity Pierre and Marie Curie, France154
2011Jadwiga MilkiewiczUniversity of Leeds, UK153
2011Maria Montes de OcaUniversity of Bristol, UK152
2011Delphine ThibaultTN International, France151
2011Andreas MessmerGoethe University, Germany150
2010Craig AuchinvoleUniversity of Edinburgh, UK149
2010Po-hung WangUniversity College London, UK148
2010Ludivine GuillemotUniversite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France146
2009Mihaela DorinCardiff University, UK145
2009Svetlana Baoukina

Juho Lintuvuori

University of Calgary, Canada

Durham University, UK

(Joint Winners)
2009Marzia MassignaniUniversity of Sheffield, UK143
2009Dr Johann DanzlUniversity of Innsbruck, Austria142
2008Gunther ZechmannUniversity of Oxford, UK141
2008M. J. T. C. van der NietLeiden University, The Netherlands140
2008Giovanni Barcaro

Alvaro Mayoral

University of Birmingham UK138
(Joint Winners)
2008Rachael Mills

Daniel Burnham

University of Bristol, UK

University of St Andrews,UK

(Joint Winners)
2007Nicola HetheringtonUniversity of Bristol, UK136
2007Vinh Son NguyenKatholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium135
2007Julia Percival

Per Sundell

University of Surrey, UK

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

(Joint Winners)
2006Davy AdriaensUniversity College London, UK133
2006Katrin Domke

Karen McCarney

Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Germany

University of Strathclyde, UK

(Joint Winners)
2006Jonathan FaizUniversity of Birmingham, UK131
2005Stewart VaughanUniversity of Oxford, UK130
2004K M KnightUniversity College London, UK129
2004L Ruiz-Pérez;University of Sheffield, UK128
2004M G D NixUniversity of Bristol, UK127
2003B Bird

E Pickwell

University of Nottingham, UK

Cambridge University, UK
(Joint Winners)
2003N TaubTel-Aviv University, Israel125
2003J-L Carreon-MacedoUniversity of Bristol, UK124
2002P M ReisUniversity of Manchester, UK123
2002P M SalenUniversity of Stockholm, Sweden122
2002J-P Gueneau de MussyUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium121
2001H B VarelaFritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany120
2001P W BarnesUniversity of Birmingham, UK119
2001M V PatelUniversity of California, Berkeley, USA118
2000M C Graham

P A Sloan

University of Bath, UK

University of Birmingham, UK

(Joint Winners)
2000A H HansenTechnical University of Denmark116
2000G A Garcia

S Ulrich

University of Nottingham, UK

University of York, UK

(Joint Winners)
1999P J StoneUniversity of Reading, UK114
1999O MontiUniversity of Oxford, UK113
1999W SongUniversity of Cambridge, UK112
1998E Q Morales

J T Wescott

CSIS, Seville, Spain

University of Bristol, UK

(Joint Winners)
1998G BöndgenFreie University, Berlin, Germany110
1998A Speck

A Markwick

Manchester, UK109
(Joint Winners)
1997F VigliottiInstitut de Physique, Experimental University Lausanne108