Previous winners

A list of previous recipients of the Spiers Memorial Award, previously called the Spiers Memorial Lectureship and their lecture titles.

Spiers Lectures 2000-

51st Spiers Memorial Lecture - Ilme Schlichting

Delivered in 2018 on ’The impact of structure on photoinduced processes in nucleic acids and proteins’

50th Spiers Memorial Lecture - Richard Van Duyne

Delivered in 2017 on ’Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: from single particle/molecule spectroscopy to ångstrom-scale spatial resolution and femtosecond time resolution’

49th Spiers Memorial Lecture - Omar Yaghi

Delivered in 2017 on ’Progress and prospects of reticular chemistry ’ 

48th Spiers Memorial Lecture - Urs Baltensperger

Delivered in 2016 on ’Chemistry in the urban atmosphere’ 

47th Spiers Memorial Lecture - Avelino Corma

Delivered in 2016 on ’Heterogeneous catalysis: understanding the fundamentals for catalyst design’ 

46th Spiers Memorial Lecture - A. Paul Alivisatos

Delivered in 2015 on ’New tools for observing the growth and assembly of colloidal inorganic nanocrystals’ 

45th Spiers Memorial Lecture - Fred Wudl

Delivered in 2014 on ’Organic electronics: an organic materials perspective’

44th Spiers Memorial Lecture - Pulickel M. Ajayan

Delivered in 2014 on ’Advances of carbon nanomaterials’

43rd Spiers Memorial Lecture - Joseph Wang

Delivered in 2013 on ’Template electrodeposition of catalytic nanomotors’

42nd Spiers Memorial Lecture - Daan Frenkel

Delivered in 2012 on ’Effect of interaction specificity on the phase behaviour of patchy particles’

41st Spiers Memorial Lecture: Masatake Haruta

Delivered in 2011 on "Role of perimeter interfaces in catalysis by gold nanoparticles"

40th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Roger Tsien

Delivered in 2010 on "Breeding and building molecular spies"

39th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Rudy Marcus

Delivered in 2009 on "Interplay of theory and computation in chemistry-examples from on-water organic catalysis, enzyme catalysis, and single-molecule fluctuations"

38th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Pavel Jungwirth

Delivered in 2008 on "Ions at aqueous interfaces"

37th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Lia Addadi

Delivered in 2007 on "Lessons from biomineralization: comparing the growth strategies of mollusc shell prismatic and nacreous layers in Atrina rigida"

36th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Roy McWeeny

Delivered in 2006 on "Quantum chemistry: The first seventy years"

35th Spiers Memorial Lecture: James R. Heath

Delivered in 2005 on "Molecular mechanics and molecular electronics"

34th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Geraldine L. Richmond

Delivered in 2004 on "Recent experimental advances in studies of liquid/liquid interfaces"

33rd Spiers Memorial Lecture: Bruce E. Bursten

Delivered in 2003 on "The quantum chemistry of d- and f-element complexes: From an approximate existence to functional happiness"

32nd Spiers Memorial Lecture: Gerhard Ertl

Delivered in 2002 on "Dynamics of surface reactions"

31st Spiers Memorial Lecture: R. E. Miller

Delivered in 2001 on "Comparative studies of cluster dynamics in the gas and condensed phases"

30th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Adam Heller

Delivered in 2000 on "On the hypothesis of cathodic protection of genes"

Spiers Lectures 1980-1999

29th Spiers Memorial Lecture: John P. Simons

Delivered in 1999 on "Stereochemistry and control in molecular reaction dynamics"

28th Spiers Memorial Lecture: William H. Miller

Delivered in 1998 on "Quantum and semiclassical theory of chemical reaction rates"

27th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Joshua Jortner

Delivered in 1997 on "Dynamics: from isolated molecules to biomolecules"

26th Spiers Memorial Lecture: C. Bradley Moore

Delivered in 1995 on "State-resolved studies of unimolecular reactions"

25th Spiers Memorial Lecture: J. Harris

Delivered in 1993 on "Some remarks on surface reactions"

24th Spiers Memorial Lecture: A. Dalgarno

Delivered in 1992 on "The chemistry of astronomical environments"

23rd Spiers Memorial Lecture: John C. Polanyi

Delivered in 1987 on "The dynamics of elementary reactions"

22nd Spiers Memorial Lecture: James A. Morrison

Delivered in 1985 on "The gas-solid interface"

21st Spiers Memorial Lecture: Charles S. Parmenter

Delivered in 1983 on "Vibrational redistribution within excited electronic states of polyatomic molecules"

20th Spiers Memorial Lecture: K. M. Evenson

Delivered in 1981 on "Far-infrared laser magnetic resonance"

Spiers Lectures 1960-1979

19th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Peter A. Egelstaff

Delivered in 1978 on "Structure and dynamics of diatomic molecular fluids"

18th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Dudley R. Herschbach

Delivered in 1977 on "Potential energy surface for bond exchange among three hydrogen molecules"

17th Spiers Memorial Lecture: R. P. Bell

Delivered in 1975 on "The development of ideas about proton transfer reactions"

16th Spiers Memorial Lecture: G. G. Hall

Delivered in 1972 on "Molecular ionization and molecular theory"

15th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Paul J. Flory

Delivered in 1970 on "Thermodynamics of polymer solutions"

14th Spiers Memorial Lecture: G. S. Rushbrooke

Delivered in 1967 on "Structural theories of fluids"

13th Spiers Memorial Lecture: H. C. Longuet-Higgins

Delivered in 1965 on "Intermolecular forces"

12th Spiers Memorial Lecture: G. Herzberg

Delivered in 1963 on "Determination of the structures of simple polyatomic molecules and radicals in electronically excited states"

11th Spiers Memorial Lecture: H. Bloom

Delivered in 1961 on "Structural models for molten salts and their mixtures"

Spiers Lectures before 1960

10th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Th. Forster

Delivered in 1959 on "Transfer mechanisms of electronic excitation"

9th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Herbert S. Harned

Delivered in 1957 on "Some recent experimental studies of diffusion in liquid systems"

8th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Torsten Teorell

Delivered in 1956 on "Transport phenomena in membranes"

7th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Joel H. Hildebrand

Delivered in 1953 on "Models and molecules"

6th Spiers Memorial Lecture: John T. Edsall

Delivered in 1952 on "The molecular shapes of certain proteins and some of their interactions with other substances"

5th Spiers Memorial Lecture: Hugh S. Taylor

Delivered in 1950 on "Catalysis: retrospect and prospect"

4th Spiers Memorial Lecture: William Thomas Astbury

Delivered in 1938 on "X-ray adventures among the proteins"

3rd Spiers Memorial Lecture: Sir William H. Bragg

Delivered in 1934 on "Molecule Planning"

2nd Spiers Memorial Lecture: Robert Ludwig Mond

Delivered in 1931 on "Michael Faraday"

1st Spiers Memorial Lecture: Sir Oliver Lodge

Delivered in 1929 on "Some Debatable Problems in Physics"