Winners 2010

We are pleased to announce the latest RSC Prize and Award winners.

The RSC recognises outstanding members of the chemical science community through its wide range of awards. Winners range from up-and-coming younger researchers to senior industrialists.


Applied Catalysis Award 2010 Winner

Martyn Twigg, Johnson Matthey


Bader Award 2010 Winner

Kevin Booker-Milburn, University of Bristol

Sir Derek Barton Gold Medal 2010 Winner

Ryoji Noyori, Nagoya University

Ronald Belcher Award 2010 Winner

Soren Denim, University of Cambridge

Joseph Black Award 2010 Winner

André Simpson, University of Toronto

Bourke Award 2010 Winner

Michael Bowers, University of California

Robert Boyle Prize for Analytical Science 2010 Winner

Gary Hieftje, Indiana University


Capps Green Zomaya Award 2012 Winner

2012 winner: Dr James Scott

Catalysis in Organic Chemistry Award 2010 Winner

Darren Dixon, University of Oxford

Centenary Prize 2010 Winner

Avelino Corma, University of Valencia

Centenary Prize 2010 Winner

Stephen Lippard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Centenary Prize 2010 Winner

Omar Yaghi, University of California Los Angeles

Joseph Chatt Award Winner 2010

Fraser Armstrong, University of Oxford

Chemical Dynamics Award 2010 Winner

Gus Hancock, University of Oxford

Chemistry of Transition Metals Award 2010 Winner

Wai-Yeung Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University

Corday-Morgan Prize 2010 Winner

Euan Brechin, University of Edinburgh

Corday-Morgan Prize 2010 Winner

Jason Chin, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Corday-Morgan Prize 2010 Winner

Jonathan Steed, Durham University

Rita and John Cornforth Award 2010 Winners

BiCE Team UCL, University College of London


Dalton Young Researchers Award 2010 Winner

Anna Company Casadevall, Technische Universität Berlin

Distinguished Service Award 2010 Winner

Barry Starr, Fragrance Oils Ltd

Peter Day Award 2010 Winner

Steve Armes, University of Sheffield


Education Award 2010 Winner

Elizabeth Page, University of Reading


Faraday Lectureship Prize 2010 Winner

John Polanyi, University of Toronto

Frankland Award 2010 Winner

Sylviane Sabo-Etienne, Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination


Gibson-Fawcett Award 2010 Winner

Simon Clarke, University of Oxford

Green Chemistry Award 2010 Winner

Roger Sheldon, Delft University of Technology


Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2010 Winner

Scott Dalgarno, Heriot Watt University

Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2010 Winner

Andrew Goodwin, University of Oxford

Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2010 Winner

Nathan S Lawrence, Schlumberger Cambridge Research

Norman Heatley Award 2010 Winner

Molly Stevens, Imperial College London

Hickinbottom Award 2010 Winner

Matthew Clarke, University of St Andrews

Higher Education Teaching Award 2010 Winner

David Read, University of Southampton


Inspiration and Industry Award 2010 winner

David Lathbury, AstraZeneca R&D Charnwood

Interdisciplinary Prize 2010 Winner

Alexei Kornyshev, Imperial College London

Interdisciplinary Prize 2010 Winner

Barry Potter, University of Bath


John Jeyes Award 2010 Winner

Clare Grey, University of Cambridge


Khorana Prize 2010 Winner

Christopher Dobson, University of Cambridge

Jeremy Knowles Award 2010 Winner

Wilfred van der Donk, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stephanie L Kwolek Award 2010 Winner

Fred Wudl, University of California at Santa Barbara


Liversidge Award 2010 Winner

David Clary, University of Oxford

Longstaff Prize 2010 Winner

Lord Jack Lewis, University of Cambridge

Lord Lewis Prize 2010 Winner

Sir John Cadogan CBE, Fusion Antibodies Ltd


Main Group Chemistry Award 2010 Winner

Simon Aldridge, University of Oxford

Marlow Award 2010 Winner

Angelos Michaelides, University College London

Merck Award 2010 Winner

F Dean Toste, University of California at Berkeley

Ludwig Mond Award 2010 Winner

Dermot O'Hare, University of Oxford


Natural Product Chemistry Award 2010 Winner

Margaret Brimble, University of Auckland

Nyholm Prize for Inorganic Chemistry 2010 Winner

Malcolm Chisholm, Ohio State University


Pedler Award 2010 Winner

Jonathan Ellman, Yale University


Theophilus Redwood Award 2010 Winner

Paul Bohn, University of Notre Dame

Charles Rees Award 2010 Winner

Anthony Barrett, Imperial College London

Robert Robinson Award 2010 Winner

Dieter Enders, RWTH-Aachen


Schools Education Award 2010 Winner

William Beveridge, Dollar Academy

Soft Matter and Biophysical Chemistry Award 2010 Winner

Daan Frenkel, University of Cambridge

George and Christine Sosnovsky Award in Cancer Therapy 2010 Winner

Paul Workman, The Institute of Cancer Research

Supramolecular Chemistry Award 2010 Winner

Neil Champness, University of Nottingham

Surfaces and Interfaces Award 2010 Winner

Robert Thomas, University of Oxford

Sustainable Water Award 2010 Winner

William Davison, Lancaster University


Teamwork in Innovation 2010 Winners

Pfizer UK, Pfizer Global R&D Team

Tilden Prize 2010 Winner

Duncan Bruce, University of York

Tilden Prize 2010 Winner

David Leigh, University of Edinburgh

Tilden Prize 2010 Winner

Kosmas Prassides, Durham University


Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Award 2010 Winner

David Milstein, The Weizmann Institute of Science


Young Industrialist of the Year Award 2010 winner

Jon-Paul Griffiths - Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group PLC

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