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An effective teacher must have a range of different teaching and learning tools that can be drawn upon and used in the classroom. For effective learning to take place, the teacher must not only have good subject knowledge but also effective pedagogical skills if they are to get the ideas across to the students. In this course you will learn about the core ideas or ‘building blocks’ that are required for effective learning to take place.
After working through this course you will be able to:
• understand what is meant by Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in chemistry;
• use Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies in the classroom;
• understand when it is appropriate to use practical work in the classroom; and
• use a wide range of strategies to both challenge the most able and to enable students with special educational needs to access the chemistry curriculum.

Our courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of key concepts in teaching chemistry. Each course can be completed at your own pace, giving you time to try out new strategies and activities in your classroom before progressing further.


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9 hours


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Royal Society of Chemistry



+44 (0)1223 420066

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