Structure Based Drug Design Conference 2016

21 - 24 February 2016, California , United States

Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD) has evolved a graphic (Small)great deal over the past 30 years since the concept of the “Lock and Key” hypothesis was first reduced to practice in the HIV-1 protease field, leading to the rational design of a number of molecules that are at the forefront of effective therapy. Evolution of techniques such as x-ray crystallography, NMR and computational chemistry have enabled a more informed understanding of binding events, encouraging many groups to employ SBDD strategies to a wide range of drug-relevant targets.

Zing’s inaugural SBDD event will showcase many of the advances made in structural biology, fragment-based methodologies and computational chemistry, demonstrating how these have been used to enable drug discovery programmes in a range of drug target classes from enzymes, to more complex GPCR’s and PPI’s. The conference will also feature some of the emerging technologies in the field, which will serve as a glimpse into the future of drug discovery as SBDD becomes more diverse and unrestrained.

You will enjoy the opportunity to engage with many of the pace-setters in the SBDD field, leaving with fresh ideas and concepts that will help to continue to build success in your drug discovery efforts.

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa , 2100 Costa Del Mar Rd, Carlsbad, California , 92009, United States

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