Advances in the Chemical Analysis of Food - A Joint RSC Separation Science and Food Group Meeting

29 April 2016 09:15-17:00, London, United Kingdom

Meeting Purpose:
Food is an essential requirement of life, providing not only energy and nutrition to the consumer, but also enjoyment.  The food industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and is key to a successful UK economy.
The analytical sciences, in particular separation science, plays an important role in understanding the chemical composition of food – ensuring food is safe, authentic, nutritious and enjoyable. 
There are a plethora of techniques and methodologies used in food analysis from the robust and routine to the new, novel and developing.  However, food analysis remains a challenge due to; the diversity and complexity of both food and chemicals compounds analysed.  Many important compounds are often present at low concentrations.

Meeting Objectives:
  • To hear about new and novel separation techniques and the application to food chemistry
  • Show (and celebrate) how food chemistry has successfully adopted separation science methodologies and techniques
  • To understand the challenges in applying separation science to the food: identify challenges and gaps in food analysis; and where there is a need (opportunities) for developments in separation science.
Meeting Attendance:
The meeting is of value to scientists working in the food and/or analytical science industry, whether academic or industrial, from graduate to Professor. It will provide excellent networking opportunities.

Meeting Location:
Burlington House
Abstract Submission:
 If you would like to contribute to the meeting though oral presentation or sponsorship please contact a meeting organiser: either Kathy Ridgway (Kathy. or Lewis Jones (
Registration closes on April 26th

Fees are as follows:
RSC Member £75
Non-member £90
Student Member £25
Student non-member £25
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