Superhero Hackathon

22 November 2017 18:30-19:30, London, United Kingdom

Panellists Raychelle Burks, Suze Kundu and Danielle Lee will discuss the science behind their favourite superheroes, then the audience will get involved in designing a completely new, next level superhero.
What's the current state of the superhero field?
What superhero traits and skills should we keep?
What new traits and skills do we want? 

Our team of superhero-loving scientists will lead this ambitious superhero upgrade project with lots of help from the audience and a live illustrator.

Our team of superhero-loving scientists:

Raychelle Burks
An analytical chemist, Dr. Raychelle Burks enjoys the challenge of developing field-ready sensing systems. Or, as Dr. Burks would say, "making tricorders". A passionate member of many fandoms, she often speaks and writes on the science of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. She writes a monthly column for Chemistry World called "Trace Analysis" and can be found on twitter at @DrRubidium.

Danielle N Lee
Dr. Danielle N Lee studies animal behavior and ecology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. With heavy doses of pop culture, she engages broader audiences in science and technology experiences, online and in person. Dr. Lee is TED Fellow (2015), National Geographic Explorer (2017), and you can follow her commentary about science, education and diversity in the sciences on Twitter at @DNLee5.

Suze Kundu
The world around us is made of ‘stuff.’ From a very early age, I have been fascinated by this stuff, often breaking things apart to try and figure out how everything worked. Luckily science has enabled me to turn this destructive curiosity into a career, first through a BSc in Chemistry, then an MSc in Analytical Chemistry and finally a PhD in Materials Chemistry at University College London in 2012. Fulfilling my destiny as an eternal student, I have since studied for a teaching qualification, and am now a Teaching Fellow, previously in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London and now at the University of Surrey's Chemical and Process Engineering Department. Although my research area is functional nanomaterials, as a science communicator I am able to delve into the wider applications of chemistry, physics and materials science and engineering all around us, and love sharing this through live lectures, on TV (Discovery Channel) and radio, and at Forbes Science and Standard Issue magazines. I am also the author of one of the chapters of the book “the Secret Science of Superheroes”.
The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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