Mentoring for early career chemistry teachers

12 February 2019 10:30 - 6 April 2019 15:30, Leicester and London, United Kingdom

The Royal Society of Chemistry is looking for mentees and mentors to join a new mentoring scheme.

The scheme is completely free for participants with funding available to cover both travel and supply teacher costs.

It will run from February 2019 for a 12 month period and will be available to teachers from the East Region and the Midlands.

Click the Book Now button in the top right to sign up and fill out the questionnaire.

Who can sign up?

Mentees should have up to 5 years of experience after gaining QTS, and must be teaching in a non-selective state school. (NQT year teachers can apply!)

Mentors should have more than 5 years of teaching experience after gaining QTS.

What does it involve?

Participants will need to be available for training on Tuesday 12th February in Cambridge if they are in the East Region, or Tuesday 26th February in Leicester if they are in the Midlands. There will also be a training day on Saturday 6th April in London for both regions

Participants should have at least six mentoring sessions over the 12 months. We will also provide training and ongoing support for participants.

Sign up using the Book Now button in the top right.

Watch the webinars below for more information, or if you still have questions, please email Rizwana Alvi for the East Region, Heidi Dobbs for the Midlands, or

East region: Tuesday 12 February, Cambridge.

Midlands: Tuesday 26 February, Leicester

Both: Saturday 6th April, Burlington House, London

Teacher Mentor webinar 

Teacher Mentee Webinar

Leicester - College Court Conference Centre, London - Burlington House

Leicester - College Court Conference Centre, London - Burlington House, College Court Conference Centre, Leicester and Burlington House, London, Leicester and London, tbc, United Kingdom

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