Cancelled: Green Infrastructure and the Chemical Sciences

29 April 2020 09:00-17:00, London, United Kingdom



Green Infrastructure (GI) can be used for removing or reducing the concentration of aquatic pollutants or for managing water flows. It includes sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and constructed wetlands together with parks and woodlands, street trees, green roofs and walls.

Green infrastructure contributes to the protection and enhancement of nature and natural processes by consciously integrating these into spatial planning and development, improving our quality of life and providing environmental benefits. GI dates back to 2013 when two European Commission documents, Green Infrastructure — Enhancing Europe’s Natural Capital (COM(2013) 249) and 'Building a Green Infrastructure for Europe' described how social, environmental and biodiversity benefits could flow from using GI to address climate change adaptation and mitigation of its effects.

GI is becoming an increasingly important component of our built environment and often provides a more sustainable outcome to our water management issues than traditional hard-engineered solutions.

Conference Aims

This conference/workshop will bring together those who wish to review current research and technologies in GI and understand how GI leads to pollution abatement. The talks and Q&A sessions will explore the chemical science underpinning the removal of traditional and emerging pollutants using biological wetland/ sustainable urban drainage (SuDS)-type systems and other nature-based solutions.

A number of different aspects will be discussed including the application of GI to catchment management and the attenuation of both agricultural contaminants and urban/road runoff pollution. The use of GI in the removal of pollutants such as phosphate ion, ammonia, metals, glycol, hydrocarbons and refinery wastes, pesticides and pharmaceuticals will also be considered.

Registration includes:

  • Attendance at the sessions 
  • Refreshments throughout the meeting
  • Lunch

Who should attend?

  • Water policy developers and urban planners
  • Environmental regulators, planners and policymakers
  • Drinking water regulators 
  • Water treatment engineers
  • Freshwater biologists
  • Water Industry personnel
  • Water quality managers
  • Groundwater specialists
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture sectors
  • Water analysts
  • Public health & pharmaceutical industry employees
  • National and regional government water policy 
  • Academic water policy and water science researchers
  • Local authority and municipal representatives
  • Third sector organisations involved in water and public health
  • Businesses wanting to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals - particularly SGD6
  • Companies providing scientific services to the water sector
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Science Suite, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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