RSC Carbohydrate ECR Webinar 4

17 July 2020 09:30-13:00, Manchester, United Kingdom

Please join us for the fourth session of the Carbohydrate Group ECR webinar series.

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ECRs will disseminate their research in the form of a 20 minute presentations. We hope the broader community will join us for the first webinar in the series for what we are sure will be a display of some interesting and novel advances in the field. 

9.30 am Imidazolium-labelled glycosides for the characterisation of enzymatic function during plant biomass degradation      
Gregory S. Bulmer, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
10.00 am Selective binding of heparin/heparan sulphate oligosaccharides to Factor H and Factor H-related proteins have therapeutic potential for C3 glomerulopathies        
Marissa L. Maciej-Hulme, Radboud university medical center
10.30 am Activity-Based Protein Profiling of Retaining α-Amylases in Complex Biological Samples
Zachary Armstrong, University of York
Short Break: time permitting
11.00 am Unveiling solvent structuration in carbohydrate-based hydrogels via a novel solution state NMR protocol               
Valeria Gabrielli, University of East Anglia
11.30 am Fluorinated glycans: a structural and functional perspective     
Giulio Fittolani,  Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
12.00 pm One Pot 1,2-Cis Stereoselective Glycosylations of Glycosyl Hemiacetals
Imlirenla Pongener, University College Dublin
12.30 pm Carbohydrate based cryogel with in situ formed gold nanoparticles for 4-aminophenol production
Berillo Dmitriy,  Kazakh National Medical University
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Online Event, The University of Manchester, 131 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 7DN, United Kingdom

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