The 11th International Symposium on Microscale Chemistry

12 - 15 July 2021, Oundle, Peterborough , United Kingdom


Venue: Oundle School, Church St, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4EE

Monday 12th July 2021:

We meet in the senior Common Room (SCR), Oundle School, near Peterborough at 4 pm. Details are here Do look at this page as it shows you the rooms and Labs as well as useful information. Also on
There will be an evening session including talks.
We shall finish with a lecture demo in the labs featuring Andres Tretiakov and myself, entitled “Anything you can do, we can do smaller”. We featured this at the Chem-Ed 19 event in Naperville, Illinois and it went well. Thermite reactions and rockets will feature.
There will be a 2-course buffet reception to follow back in the SCR.

Tuesday 13th July 2021;

Joint meeting with the RSC Secondary and Further Education Interest Group. It will deal strategies adopted in practical chemistry in education establishments since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wednesday 14th July 2021:

Connecting with STEM, Green Chemistry; Technical Advances in Microscale Chemistry.
Day 2 of the International Symposium of Microscale Chemistry.
UK School and University Technicians will show how they have made inroads into the acceptance of microchemistry with new equipment and designs.
  • How have their ideas been welcomed by teachers? 
  • Is Microscale chemistry Green Chemistry?
  • Can STEM be shown to work with microscale chemistry?
In the evening we can visit a local inn and experience some cheese tasting.

Thursday 15th July 2021:

Microchemical techniques; What directions should be taken to enhance acceptance of these procedures?
Day 3 of the International Symposium of Microscale Chemistry.
  • Does Chemical Education Research take practical work seriously?
  • Can Microscale chemistry be instrumental in addressing the misunderstanding and misconceptions students have about chemical processes?
  • Has the promotion of microscience by UNESCO made significant inroads into s countries education?
  • What are the main stumbling blocks to including these alternative procedures into school chemistry?
  • Are a country's exams systems capable of coping with modern innovation?
  • How can teachers keep up to date with the latest developments?
  • Is social media a better method of communication than papers in journals behind a paywall.
 We shall finish at about 3 pm and take our overseas guests on a visit to an English Stately Home to experience a cream tea.
At the evening reception, a former student of mine now a professional actor will entertain us  with “stories and legends of the fens”.

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
RSC Seccondary and Further Education Interest Group
Oundle School

Science School and Senior Common Room, Oundle School, New Street , Oundle, Peterborough , PE8 4GH, United Kingdom

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RSC Secondary and Further Education Interest Group
International Symposium on Microscale Chemistry
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