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Edit your event

When submitting an event to the database, please enter as much detail about your event as possible. This will enhance the your event's webpage and improve the likelihood of it being included in users' search results.
When you have completed page one of this online event submission process, an email will automatically be sent to the address you give us with a link to enable you to access and edit your event's details at any point.
By choosing 'next' at the end of each page, you are saving your changes to that page. You can navigate backwards and forwards through the event submission pages to edit your submission without losing content. By selecting 'save and complete later' you will be able to leave the system, and at a later time use the link that we email to you to view and complete your event submission.

Items to prepare for upload (documents and logos)
You will have the opportunity to upload a maximum of five documents (eg registration form) to your listing, via the 'Event' tab. You can also add a maximum of 20 organiser logos and a maximum of 20 supporting organisation logos via the 'Organisers' tab.

Before you begin the event submission process we advise that you prepare any files for upload in advance, and ensure that any logo images you wish to use are the correct size and file type:
- Permitted document file types are Word/PDF/XLS/PPT/PUB, and there is a 10Mb limit for each file
- Please ensure that logos are maximum 75 px high and max 225 px wide. Permitted image file types are jpg/jpeg/gif/png, and there is a 200KB limit for each image

Once submitted, you can edit your event listing at any point to change your uploaded documents and organiser/supporting organisation logos.

A banner image will appear across the top of your event page when it is published. This will be an abstract piece of artwork automatically selected by the system.
For RSC events, a preview image will also appear on event listings pages and on search results pages, to the left of the event details. This will also be automatically selected by the system and will match the banner image.