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The reaction of [{Co(5-C5H5)}2{Fe(CO)2(PPh3)}(μ3-S)(μ3-CS)] and related complexes with carbon disulfide. Synthesis, structure and reactivity of [{Co(5-C5H5)}2{Fe(CO)(L)}(μ3-S)(μ3-C2S3)] derivatives (L = PR3 and CNR)

Anthony R. Manning, C. John McAdam, Anthony J. Palmer, Brian H. Robinson and Jim Simpson

Dalton Trans., 2003, 4472–4481 (DOI: 10.1039/b308320a). Amendment published 20th January 2004.

Fig. 3 contains an error. The correct diagram is shown below.

Fig. 3 Equivalencing of the -C5H5 and CNR ligands X = S or SR+. L1 = L2 = CNMe or CNMes of 2 and [3]+. Cyclopentadienyl ligands omitted for clarity.

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