Additions and corrections

Heterobimetallic lanthanide–gold coordination polymers: structure and emissive properties of isomorphous [nBu4N]2[Ln(NO3)4Au(CN)2] 1-D chains

Ryan J. Roberts , Xiaobo Li , Tye F. Lacey , Zhong Pan , Howard H. Patterson and Daniel B. Leznoff

Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 6992–6997 (DOI: 10.1039/C2DT30156c). Amendment published 13th November 2012.

In the above article the National Science Foundation grant number CHE-0315877 cited is incorrect, it should be CHE-0715266.

The Royal Society of Chemistry apologises for this error and any consequent inconvenience to authors and readers.

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