Faraday Discuss., 2000, 116

Additions and corrections

Engineering artificial redox chains by molecular Lego

Sheila J. Sadeghi , Yergalem T. Meharenna , Andrea Fantuzzi , Francesca Valetti and Gianfranco Gilardi

Faraday Discuss., 2000, 116 (DOI: 10.1039/b003180l). Amendment published 11th August 2000

The following corrections are needed for this article:

Section 1.1. The second sentence should read: 'If nature explored all the possible sequences for a protein of 100 residues, 20100 proteins would have been produced.'

Fig. 1 caption. The first sentence should read: 'CATH wheel of haem- and FMN-binding domains.'

Fig. 2. 7 lines down, right-hand side, 642 should read 643.

Section 3.1. The sentence immediately prior to eqn. (1) should read: 'The reaction scheme studied is summarised in the following equations, where eqn. (3) applies to c553, and eqn. (3') applies to BMP.'

Fig. 3 caption. The third sentence should read: 'BMP is shown in red, haem in magenta, FMN and reductase domain in blue and fld in yellow.'

Fig. 4 caption. The first sentence should read: '. . . and fld–BMP fusion protein (circles), fld (squares) and BMP (triangles) (B), . . .'

Section 3.2.2. paragraph 3. The third sentence should be replaced by the following: 'The single exposed haem areas were calculated according to Gray et al.47 where the C, C, O1 and O2 atoms of the vinyl groups were excluded from the solvent-exposed surface area calculations. The calculated values are 38 Å2 for the wild type, 37 Å2 for the M23C-M23C and 32 Å2 for the G51C-G51C homo-dimers.'

Section 3.3.2. paragraph 2. The second sentence should read: 'The calculated Tm values for the BMP, the fld and the fld–BMP fusion complex were 59, 65 and 64 oC respectively.'

The third sentence should read: '. . . to higher value of Tm (from 59 to 64 oC).'

Ref. 13 should read: J. S. Richardson, Adv. Protein Chem., 1981, 34, 167.

The Royal Society of Chemistry apologises for these errors and any consequent inconvenience to authors and readers.

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