Additions and corrections

Buckling, symmetry breaking, and cavitation in periodically micro-structured hydrogel membranes

Gaoxiang Wu, Yu Xia and Shu Yang

Soft Matter, 2013, (DOI: 10.1039/C3SM51640G). Amendment published 8th November 2013.

The wrong figure caption was used for Figure 3. The correct caption for Figure 3 is as follows:

Figure 3. Fluorescent images of the hydrogel membranes at different deformed states. (a) The hydrogel membrane at the twisted state. Insets: showing the left- and right-handed chirality. The yellow dashed line indicates the boundary between regimes of deformed hydrogel membrane with opposite handedness. (b) The hydrogel membrane at pH 4.3, an intermediate state between the buckled and twisted states. Inset: higher magnification image revealing that the deformation of the pores led to the joints at opposite side of the pores touching against each other due to increased compression. (c) Amplification process at unit cell level of the buckled hydrogel membrane between hydrogel membranes immersed in pH 4 to pH 4.3. (d) Symmetry breaking process at unit cell level of the buckled hydrogel membrane from achiral (pH 4.3) to chiral (pH 5). The white and yellow arrows indicate the rotation directions of the hydrogel domains, and the dashed arrows indicate the sliding directions of the joints during the transition.

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