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Architecture and chemistry celebrated at Open House London

On Saturday 16 September, almost 2000 members of the public came to explore our Piccadilly headquarters for London’s annual open rooms event.

Californian chemists receive our first Inclusion and Diversity Prize

The inaugural Inclusion and Diversity Prize was awarded to Dr Henry “Hoby” Wedler and Dr Dean Tantillo, at our Joliot-Curie Conference in Bath last week

Peer review: transparency, recognition, and listening to our community

This year’s peer review week – a global event that celebrates the crucial role of peer review in maintaining scientific quality – has the theme ‘Transparency’. We take a look at why peer review is important, what transparency in peer review means to us, and what we are doing to recognise our reviewers for their efforts.

Partnership with Publons to give peer reviewers more recognition

Today we launched a formal partnership with Publons – a third-party reviewer recognition service – for a twelve-month trial on ten of our journals.

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