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Looking for your outreach ideas

Our new, three-tiered Outreach Fund is now open for applications. Through it we aim to support individual activities as well as major programmes to inspire people with chemistry.

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Call for end to methanol use in demonstrations

Head of US Chemical Safety Board recommends against using methanol in classroom combustion experiments

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Back in business

Chemical sciences industry has a crucial role to play in our everyday lives and is a major contributor to the economy. Our new five-year industry strategy will ensure that we provide it with the right support to maximise this potential.

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Painkiller found in plants may not be natural after all

Researchers from Germany and Cameroon conclude that tramadol detected in plants’ roots was actually the result of soil contamination

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Science at the heart of the fight against food crime

Professor Chris Elliott was commissioned by two government departments to identify how the issue of food adulteration could be better tackled

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