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Partnership with leading societies to support ChemRxiv™

We have joined forces with the American Chemical Society and German Chemical Society for an exciting Preprint partnership

Primary science IS real science

Education coordinator Heidi Dobbs presented to primary teachers in Birmingham, as part of a programme of activities run by all our education coordinators, aimed at making primary teachers aware of the chemistry teaching resources available to them.

Our gender pay gap report for 2017

We have published this year’s gender pay gap report based on data taken on 5 April 2017.

Week 11: Can you help us with #Chemglass?

We're working with the curator of chemistry at the Science Museum to tell stories of historical chemical glassware. Week 11's glassware was used to produce penicillin in the 1940s – the newly-discovered antibiotic that saved thousands of lives during WWII.

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