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An OFox in an OBox

Professor Alexei Demchenko explains how his group ended up with a fox in a box on the cover of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry!

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A feast of analytical chemistry to suit all tastes

Last month the University of Warwick played host to the Analytical Biosciences Group’s annual flagship event, the Early Career Researcher meeting. Henry Day, from the group’s committee, reports.

My life in science: the good, the bad and the ugly

Alex Bytheway has spent a great deal of #time4chem over the years, doing chemistry as a hobby, and carrying out outreach activities.

Practical chemistry under challenging conditions

Gena Marsh and her student Jovan have been spending their Time4Chem doing extra chemistry during lunch breaks, even synthesising solvents for school lessons.

Chemical Landmark plaque for John Dalton unveiled

A chemical landmark plaque to commemorate John Dalton was unveiled on John Dalton Street in Manchester last week.

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