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Science and Stormont 2014

The annual Science and Stormont meeting aims to develop closer links between the scientific community in Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive

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Chemistry World

European scientists rally to protest jobs and funding crisis

A growing number of scientists throughout Europe are frustrated with inadequate funding for research and a lack of jobs

Chemistry World

Hungary’s rivers in recovery after red mud disaster

The red mud’s trail of devastation stretched over 40km2

Chemistry World

Through the looking glass with switchable mirrors

Reversible electrochemical mirror (REM) that switches between transparent and reflective states could be used in 'smart' windows to control lighting

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Online student community relaunches with new features

Our online network ChemNet has moved to a new online home, where it now offers 14-to-18-year-olds even better opportunities to network with each other and obtain support for their studies.

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