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Charter & By-Laws

The RSC's original Charter was granted in 1848. The RSC's Royal Charter, granted in 1980, states that:

"The object for which the Society is constituted is the general advancement of chemical science and its application and for that purpose: 

  1. to foster and encourage the growth and application of such science by the dissemination of chemical knowledge;
  2. to establish, uphold and advance the standards of qualification, competence and conduct of those who practise chemistry as a profession;
  3. to serve the public interest by acting in an advisory, consultative or representative capacity in matters relating to the science and practice of chemistry; and
  4. to advance the aims and objectives of members of the Society so far as they relate to the advancement of the science or practice of chemistry."   

As a learned society it is concerned with advancing chemistry as a science, developing its applications, and disseminating chemical knowledge. 

As a professional body it maintains professional qualifications and sets high standards of competence and conduct for professional chemists. It also provides a wide range of services and activities of value both to members, and to the community. 

As a representative body it provides information and advice on issues involving the science and practice of chemistry at all levels. It also acts on behalf of qualified chemists so that their expertise and experience may be used to the best advantage of the community. 

As a chartered body, the Society has a special status with a paramount duty to serve the public interest while remaining completely objective.

The RSC's Royal Charter was amended in 2001. The changes allowed the introduction of a new membership structure under which the number of membership categories were reduced, and the award of CChem was separated from admission on a Member (MRSC) or Fellow (FRSC).

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