Analytical Division

The Analytical Division promotes analytical chemistry and science by providing a forum for analytical chemists and scientists to exchange information and ideas. It organises meetings and via, the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund, finances studentships, Schools Analyst competitions, awards, lectureships and VSO students.


Analytical Division Council

Council members, strategy and Annual Report

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Information for Interest Groups

Join the RSC, information updates and RSC group handbook

Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund

Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund

The ACTF supports strategic Analytical Division activities. Trustees are elected members of the Analytical Division Council.

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Analytical Activities

Analytical Methods Committee, international, education, awards, groups, regions, other related links

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Analytical Events

Events of interest to the Analytical Science community

Analytical Science Network

Analytical Science Network

Younger member activities

Funding available from RSC Divisions

Information about the Small Grants for Scientific Activities

Small Grants for Scientific Activities

Funds from RSC Divisions to support activities run by their members

Information about Travel Grants for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Travel Grants for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Please note that the Analytical Division is no longer accepting applications for travel in 2016, however applications for travel in 2017 will be accepted from 1 October 2016.

Contact and Further Information

Michael Smith
Programme Manager, Analytical Science
Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WF
Tel: 01223 432173