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Designatory Letters

As a professional body, the Royal Society of Chemistry maintains high standards of competence and professional practice. We award our members with designatory letters, which vary depending on the category of membership they belong to. These are used after your name to signify to all that you are a professional chemical scientist, well qualified and subject to a rigorous code of conduct. 

They not only confirm your qualification in the chemical sciences but show a dedication to your profession and to building a long-term successful career.

  • Affiliate Members, those with an interest in the chemical sciences but are not qualified for any other category,  have no permitted designatory letters.
  • AMRSC is awarded to Associate Members, open to recent graduates in the chemical sciences or those with the equivalent experience.
  • MRSC is awarded to Members, open to graduates in the chemical sciences (or equivalent) with at least three years postgraduate experiences developing key skills.
  • FRSC is awarded to Fellows, open to those with substantial career progression who can offer evidence of seniority and maturity of experience in any field which involves or promotes the advancement or wider application of chemical science.    

In all cases references are required and the award of designatory letters is subject to the approval of the Applications Committee.  

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