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Information on Open Access and RSC Policy

Open Access at the RSC

RSC Open Access statement

Open Access is the term given to making electronic versions of articles accessible to readers, without any subscription or 'access side' fees. 

RSC supports Open Access models which seek to ensure that scholarly publishing activities operate in a long term sustainable way.

  • Our fundamental goal is to advance the chemical sciences, through the effective dissemination of high quality research content 
  • We seek to maximise the dissemination of the research that we publish 
  • We support any and all sustainable and fair models of access. We believe that the integrity and archiving of scholarly content must be maintained throughout 
  • We support 'Gold'* Open Access and encourage funding to be made available to support authors during any transition from reader to author side payments 
  • We support the author's ability to choose where they publish their work to the benefit of the advancement of science. We do not wish authors to be discriminated against if they are unable to pay author-side fees 
  • We seek to work closely with other parties, including funders and government agencies, to achieve the above goals        

RSC Publishing provides authors with the option to make their article Open Access, through payment of a fee on acceptance. Authors following the traditional route still have deposition options - details are on the 'Deposition and Licence to Publish' page of the website.

*There are several types of Open Access: 

  • Gold Open Access: Publication costs are covered by an 'Article Processing Fees' being paid by authors upon acceptance. The final 'article of record' is made available to all, immediately, without any barriers to access 
  • Green Open Access: A version of the paper (often the author's manuscript) is made available via a subject or institutional repository. An embargo period is often involved, typically 6-24 months. No payment is made, and publishers should strive to recoup their investment through traditional sales during the embargo period 
  • Delayed Open Access: The final version of the paper is made available by the publisher after an embargo period (e.g. publisher deposit the paper in PubMed after 12 months)

RSC Open Access - Licence to Publish for journals

Authors choosing to publish via the Open Access route now have the option to publish under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence.

Author Deposition

When the author accepts the Licence to Publish for a journal article, he/she retains certain rights where he/she can deposit the article.