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Miniaturisation for chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and bioengineering

About Lab on a Chip

Lab on a Chip provides a unique forum for the publication of significant and original work related to miniaturisation (on or off chips) at the micro- and nano-scale across a variety of disciplines including: chemistry, biology, bioengineering, physics, electronics, clinical/medical science, chemical engineering and materials science, which is likely to be of interest to the multidisciplinary community that the journal addresses.


  • Impact factor: 5.748
  • Fast publication times - typically 90 days 
  • 24 issues per year                

Readership - LOC coverage is highly relevant to a variety of industrial and academic sectors, including: pharmaceuticals; medicine; analytical science; synthetic chemistry; biotechnology; physics; materials science; (bio)engineering; and electronics.


What our readers say:


"..I am impressed with the excellent impact that the journal has received within the lab on a chip, microfluidics and nanobiotechnology communities"

Professor Thomas Laurell, University of Lund, Sweden


What our authors say:


"On a personal matter, I want to thank you for the wonderful job done on this paper.  Your editorial practices are exceptional.  It is an honour to have our work considered by and published in LOC and we hope to send other manuscripts to you in the future
Professor Ralph Nuzzo, University of Illinois, USA

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