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Miniaturisation for chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and bioengineering

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Harp Minhas


Lab on a Chip Editorial Office

Lab on a Chip
Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WF
Tel: Tel: +44 (0) 1223 432 291
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Lab on a Chip Staff

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Editorial Board

George Whitesides

Harvard University, USA

Albert van den Berg

Associate Editor
University of Twente, Netherlands

Abraham Lee

Associate Editor
University of California at Irvine, USA

Jianhua Qin

Associate Editor
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China

Aaron Wheeler

Associate Editor
University of Toronto, Canada

Helene Andersson-Svahn

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Holger Becker

Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, Germany

Yoon-Kyoung Cho

UNIST, South Korea

Mark Gilligan

Dolomite, UK

David Walt

Tufts University, USA

David Weitz

Harvard University, USA

Advisory Board

Dino Di Carlo


Albert Folch

University of Washington, USA

Jed Harrison

University of Alberta, Canada

Tony Jun Huang

The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Yanyi Huang

Peking University, China

Liu Ai Qun

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Po Ki Yuen

Corning Incorporated, New York, USA