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8 chemistry resources

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fractional-distillation RSC Recommended
Learn how the industrial process of fractional distillation transforms crude oil into a...
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
recycling-plastics RSC Recommended
The differences between thermosetting, thermosoftening and partially biodegradable plastics,...
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
plastics-and-polymers RSC Recommended
Plastics are all made in a similar way, but can be manipulated to have very different...
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
esters-and-perfumes RSC Recommended
Esters occur in nature and have been harnessed by the perfume industry. What are esters and...
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
vegetable-oils-as-fuel RSC Recommended
Discover the processes involved in using vegetable oil as a biofuel. Could it become a viable...
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
leaded-and-unleaded-petro... RSC Recommended
In USA in the 1970s, 200,000 tonnes of lead was added to petrol every year. Now leaded petrol...
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
invention-of-nylon RSC Recommended
Nylon is one of the strongest polymers created by man. What makes it so durable?
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher
hydrocarbons-factpack RSC Recommended
An introduction to hydrocarbons. Learn how unreactive alkanes can be made into reactive alkenes.
TeacherStudent 14 to Teacher