Chemistry for everyone

The launch of our ‘Diversity landscape of the chemical sciences’ report celebrated progress, identified areas for improvement and captured ongoing challenges in an engaging and lively discussion.

Celebrating women in science with #Iamachemist

We joined forces with the Institute of Physics to celebrate women working in the chemical and physical sciences for the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Protecting your data - we need your help

We take our responsibility as stewards of your data very seriously and we are working to make sure that we’re completely ready for General Data Protection Regulation in May this year.

Bearing responsibility for the environment

Dr Shanlin Qiao, from Hebei University of Science and Technology in China, speaks to us about his nanosized carbon-capture nets, and how his three year-old niece helped him to come up with a striking Polymer Chemistry cover image.

New deputy chief executive

Paul Lewis is to join the Royal Society of Chemistry as the new Deputy Chief Executive (Head of House) in March.

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