Tambourines, foxes, and zeolite crystals

In the latest in our series on the inspiration behind journal covers, Sharon Mitchell and Amalia Gallardo discuss zeolite crystals as catalysts, and how they relate to foxes playing tambourines!

An underwater challenge

In the next of our series on the inspirations behind journal covers, Hans-Peter Loock and Mark Chen, of Queen’s University in Canada, talk to us about neutrinos, and photographing the giant detector set up to find them, underground and underwater.

Max Planck to publish 100% open access with the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2017 and 2018

We have signed a new ‘Read & Publish’ agreement with the Max Planck Digital Library in Germany, under which corresponding authors from the Max Planck Institutes will be able to publish open access in all hybrid Royal Society of Chemistry journals. At the same time the agreement grants all Max Planck researchers access to all our journal content.

Remembering John Dalton

John Hudson, Chair of the RSC Historical Group, tells us about the life and work of John Dalton, and reports on his 250th anniversary celebrations held in Manchester earlier this year.

Aerogels and the wonders of the universe

In the next of our series on the inspirations behind journal covers, Felix Rechberger, from ETH Zurich, tells us about the connection between aerogel structures and the structure of the universe.

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