Can virtual reality make chemistry the coolest school subject?

Jonas Boström, whose day job is in computational chemistry at AstraZeneca, along with former student Magnus Norrby, recently started a company called EduChem VR. They aim to increase comments like “wow, this cool!” in chemistry education.

BrumSciComm goes CoCoMAD!

Regular volunteer Chris Hamlett tells us about the chemistry activities at CoCoMAD festival, which he organised and ran alongside fellow volunteers from BrumSciComm.

'It Wasn't Me Miss'

Cynthia Wiley was a science and chemistry teacher for almost 30 years. She has written a book about her experiences, sometimes hilarious, sometimes hair-raising.

India Newsletter – August 2017

In the fourth edition of our India newsletter we cover all the latest news updates from the Royal Society of Chemistry's activities in India.

Improving gender balance on Wikipedia

Claire Murray, Alice White and Jess Wade, Imperial College London, are concerned about the underrepresentation of women on Wikipedia. They explain how they are working to change this, one ‘wikithon’ at a time.

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