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Global change is creating enormous challenges relating to human health, energy and scarce natural resources. Action is both necessary and urgent. The RSC is working with governments, professional bodies and the chemical science community to tackle these global challenges.

Science Activities

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Human Health

Chemistry is helping to improve and maintain accessible human health in a changing world.

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Energy & Sustainability

Chemistry is helping to develop solutions to global challenges in energy and sustainability.

Our roadmap

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Chemistry for Tomorrow's World

How can the chemical sciences provide technological and sustainable solutions to the problems faced by tomorrow's world? See the RSC's roadmap for the Chemical Sciences.

Tools for the chemical science community

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National Chemical Database Service

The RSC will be operating the EPSRC National Chemical Database Service from 2013-2017

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Teaching resources

Supporting the RSC

Help to continue to expand and support the advancement of the chemical sciences globally

Other activities

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Policy reports and responses

Research, reports, responses and seminars from the RSC to influence and guide policy


Industry and Technology

Supporting the scientific, technological and managerial application of chemical science across industry and commerce.

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Prizes & Awards

Rewarding excellence, Gaining Recognition

RSC Funding

RSC Funding

Funding opportunities available from the RSC and elsewhere.

Big Ben

Our Work in Parliament

The RSC is the leading scientific society in building bridges between the scientific community and Parliament


Get Involved

Events and activities that promote the chemical sciences


Mpemba Competition

Find out about The Mpemba Effect competition

175 Faces of Chemistry

175 Faces of Chemistry

As part of the RSC's 175th anniversary celebrations, we will be recognising 175 diverse chemical scientists, as nominated by the community