Dalton Discussions

Dalton Discussions provide a unique international forum for the exchange of views and newly acquired results in focused areas of inorganic chemistry. The papers, which are associated with the oral presentations at the meeting, are published in a special volume of Dalton Transactions, which constitutes a permanent record of the meeting.

The meetings are usually held annually. The format of the meetings is the same each year, held over a 48 hour period, starting after lunch on day 1 and concluding at lunchtime on day 3.

Programme pressures at many major conferences generally result in very limited opportunity for extended public discussion of papers. Dalton Discussions provide a valuable forum for debate of this type, and play an important role in the future development of the subject. Such discussion has three valuable functions: it provides authors with balanced feedback and the opportunity for this to be questioned, supported or refuted by additional comments; it provides a forum for experts in the field to develop the themes of papers on a wider scale, presenting additional material from their own research and broadening perspectives; and for younger scientists it sets standards, inspires enthusiasm and even offers opportunities for the bold to challenge the view of established figures.

How it works

At the call for papers stage, the members of the inorganic community are invited to contribute an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee of the Dalton Discussion in question.  The abstracts that fit closely to the themes of the meetings are selected to be developed into full papers and presented in the discussion sessions. The full papers are peer-refereed and those that are accepted are sent to all participants as preprints before the conference. At the meeting, each author is given approximately five minutes to summarise the key points of their paper in order to leave the majority of time open for discussion.

With the exception of the keynote lectures, all Discussion papers contain new unpublished work and must not contain more review material than is necessary to set the context.

The papers are published as a special issue of Dalton Transactions. The detailed discussions are not published verbatim, but authors are given the opportunity to include supplementary comments to their paper after the meeting, before publication of the special issue. In addition, an editorial in the special issue summarises the flavour of the discussions. The keynote and discussion papers are supplemented by contributed posters.

Dalton Transactions

Dalton Transactions is one of the most respected international inorganic chemistry journals. Dalton Transactions is published weekly and embraces all aspects of the chemistry of inorganic and organometallic compounds.

Publication of full papers is rapid, typically 3-4 months from receipt of manuscripts. Also included are Dalton Communications (for the rapid publication of preliminary accounts of original and significant work), Dalton Perspectives (invited personal accounts or critical analyses of activities in specialist areas) and Dalton Frontiers (which highlight emerging topics, particularly at the interface of inorganic chemistry with other disciplines, and are very much 'forward-looking' in nature).