Analysis and Detection

Miniaturised Electroanalytical Systems


Wed, 5 August 10:30

S105_001 Neurochemical applications of microchip electrophoresis (KEYNOTE)

Susan M. Lunte*

Wed, 5 August 11:10

S105_002 Polymeric ion bridges on microfluidic devices for bioanalytical applications 

Taek Dong Chung*

Wed, 5 August 11:30

S105_003 Electrochemical impedance detection of hCG: Preliminary results and analysis in the development of lab on a chip technology 

Richard H. Bayford*, Panagiotis Kassanos, Andreas Demosthenous, Ray K. Iles

Wed, 5 August 11:50

S105_004 Probing chirality electrochemically 

Ritu Kataky*, Lisa Murphy, Alice delcourt-Lancon, Paula Lopes

Wed, 5 August 12:10

S105_005 On-chip electrochemical and mass spectrometric detection 

Olga Ordeig, Neus Godino, Javier del Campo, Francesc Xavier Munoz, Fredrik Nikolajeff, Gustav Liljegren, Andreas Dahlin, Camilla Zettersten, Jonas Bergquist, Leif Nyholm*

Wed, 5 August 14:00

S105_006 Molecular adsorption/desorption at single atom nanowires prepared by self-limiting electrochemical processes (KEYNOTE)

Ping Shi, Liqiang Chu, Paul W. Bohn*

Wed, 5 August 14:40

S105_007 Oxygen sensing in oceanography with microdisc electrodes 

Sara Gaskell, Maciej Sosna, Guy Denuault*, Matt Mowlem, Robin W. Pascal, Andy Harris, Ralf D. Prien

Wed, 5 August 15:00

S105_008 The development and characterisation of square microfabricated electrode systems 

Helena Woodvine*, Andrew R. Mount, Jonathan G. Terry, Anthony J. Walton

Wed, 5 August 15:50

S105_009 Development of screen-printed microband biosensors for real-time monitoring of glucose and lactate concentrations in cell metabolism 

Roy M. Pemberton*, Jinsheng Xu, Nina Biddle, Guido A. Drago, John Griffiths, Simon K. Jackson, John P. Hart

Wed, 5 August 16:10

S105_010 A multi-parameter fluidic platform for cytotoxicity monitoring of cells 

Eric Moore*, Eve McLoughlin, Walter Messina, Anna Paschero, John Alderman, Paul Galvin


P105_002 The voltammetric behaviour of lead at a microband screen-printed carbon electrode and its trace determination by stripping voltammetry  
Kevin C. Honeychurch*, Saman Al-Berezanchi, John P. Hart

P105_003 Studies towards the development of an amperometric biosensor for phosphate in urine based on a chemically modified screen-printed carbon electrode  
Lucy Gilbert*, A. T. A. Jenkins, Simon Browning, John P. Hart

P105_004 Separation and quantification of cellulases by Isotachophoresis and Capillary Zone Electrophoresis  
Ruchi Gupta*, Bruce D. Grieve, Peter R. Fielden

P105_005 Microsystem featuring magnetic capture and electrochemical detection  
Neus Godino, Detlef Snakenborg, Jörg P. Kutter, Jenny Emnèus, Mikkel Fougt-Hansen, Francesc X. Muñoz, Javier F. del Campo*

P105_006 Selective determination of dopamine during in vivo microdialysis using a functionalised carbon nanotube/fibre microelectrode  
Susan Warren*, Dhanraj Rathod, Timothy McCormac, Eithne Dempsey

P105_007 Electrochemical microfluidic chip coupled to external magnetic beads-based ELISA with a simple integrated calibration: a timely analytical tool for controlling Zearalenone in baby foods  
Mirian Hervas, Miguel A. Lopez, Alberto Escarpa*

P105_008 Nickel nanowires for electrochemical detection of total carbohydrates using miniaturized flow injection system  
Miguel Garcia, Alberto Escarpa*

P105_009 Microfluidic chips with carbon nanotubes electrochemical detectors for food analysis  
Agustín G. Crevillén, M. Pumera, M. C. González, Alberto Escarpa*

P105_010 Microfluidic-electrochemistry chips for antioxidant activity evaluation in vitro  
Nikolay Kovachev, Antonio Canals, Alberto Escarpa*

P105_011 Nanostructured cellulose/platinum composite films for electrochemical oxygen sensing  
Soon Y. Liew*, Wim Thielemans, Darren A. Walsh