Chemistry Week 2013

16 - 23 November 2013

What is Chemistry Week?

Chemistry Week is a themed week of nationwide events that is held every two years to promote a positive image of chemistry and increase the public understanding of the importance of chemical science in our everyday lives.

This year the theme is health with a particular emphasis on five areas of health that provide some of the greatest challenges and opportunities for chemical research.

  • Ageing
  • Hygiene
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Global Challenges  

Activities are organised mainly throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland by the RSC Local Sections and the network of RSC members but we encourage anyone to get involved both nationally and internationally.

Engaging in chemistry

Participate in Chemistry Week 2013 events

Chemistry Week 2013 Events

A wide range of health focused events will be taking place during Chemistry Week 2013 locally, nationally and in some overseas countries.

Chemistry Week 2013 - A picture of health 16-23 November 2013

Chemistry Week Promotional Items

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View some of the activities which took place during Chemistry Week

School activities

Fruit and Vegetables

The Global Experiment 2013: Testing food for Vitamin C

Test your food for vitamin C. Upload your data and analyse the results

Hands holding a heart

Chemistry in Health

Explore resources to discover the role of chemistry in health

Video Competition

Take 1 clapper board

RSC Take 1... minute for chemistry in health

Video competition for young researchers to demonstrate innovative science communication

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