RSC Events

The RSC organises and supports a broad range of activities to enhance the public's awareness and promote a positive image of the chemical sciences.


Develop your skills by attending a training course organised by the RSC

Prize & Award Winners' Events

Upcoming awards symposia and lecture tours featuring RSC award winners

Science Policy Events

Events organised by the Science Department in support of its science policy activities

Precompetitive Knowledge Transfer Workshops

Part of the RSC's 'Pharma' initiative to support medicines and healthcare research.

Industry Events

Emerging Technologies Competition

Supporting innovation in chemical sciences

International Activities

International Activities organised by the RSC

Find out more about the Royal Society of Chemistry's international activities

Public Activities

Get Involved

Events and activities that promote the chemical sciences

Events in the Chemistry Centre

Find out more about the exciting public events coming up.

International Year of Chemistry

IUPAC (in conjunction with the UN and UNESCO) proclaimed that 2011was the International Year of Chemistry (IYC).

Chemistry Week

A themed week of events run every two years to promote a positive image of chemistry and increase public understanding

Commemorative Activities

Chemical Landmarks

RSC's official awards to historical sites in recognition of significant chemical discoveries or research

Careers Events

Chemistry World Jobs Live

26 November 2014, Burlington House, London, UK

Education Events

Education Events

Events centrally organised by the RSC

Outreach for Schools

A summary of outreach activities which the RSC can be run for your school or packs which can be downloaded for your own use within school.

CPD for Teachers

We can assist you in your career development as a teacher. Information on our courses and events for specialist and non-specialist chemistry teachers

Chemistry at Work

See for yourself how chemistry is used in industry, research and everyday life

International Chemistry Olympiad

Competition for upper sixth form students

Top of the Bench

National competition for 14-16 year old students

AD Schools' Analyst Competition

National competition run by the RSC's Analytical Division for first year sixth form students or equivalent.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for RSC events

A risk assessment form must be filled out for every event organised by the RSC. All forms are available for download along with examples of Red Risk Assessment Forms .

Downloadable Files

Presenters - Over 16s and Adults
Royal Society of Chemistry list of recommended presenters suitable for over 16s and adults
PDF iconPDF (170k)  

Presenters - Primary and/or Pre Sixth Form
Royal Society of Chemistry list of recommended presenters suitable for Primary and/or Pre Sixth Form
PDF iconPDF (164k)  

PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader