Physical Chemistry of Functionalised Biomedical Nanoparticles: Faraday Discussion 175

17 - 19 September 2014, Bristol, UK

Organised by the Faraday Division in association with the Materials Chemistry Division


Nanotechnology, especially nanoparticle research, has played very important roles in many scientific discoveries, laying the foundation for their applications in many aspects of our life, such as healthcare, efficient energy, cleaner environments. The field is moving very quickly, with an increasing number of researchers. 

This Faraday Discussion will focus on one very fundamental issue of nanoparticle (NP) research: functionalisation, relating specifically to biomedical applications. Without the right functionalisation, NPs will be rendered useless. So, how can NPs be synthesised with the desired functionality? 


This very focused meeting will promote deep discussions on a topic many other meetings have failed to debate; the whole field would stand still without the appropriate functionalisations for specific applications. We therefore aim to discuss in depth this very important issue which would help to harness the full potential of nanoparticle research.


The Faraday Division have been organising high impact Faraday Discussions in rapidly developing areas of physical chemistry and its interfaces with other scientific disciplines for over 100 years. 

Faraday Discussions have a special format where research papers written by the speakers are distributed to all participants before the meeting, and most of the meeting is devoted to discussing the papers. Everyone contributes to the discussion - including presenting their own relevant research. The research papers and a record of the discussion are published in the journal Faraday Discussions


  • Magnetic Nanoparticlesc
  • Optical Nanoparticles
  • Other Nanoparticles   

Supporting Organisation

We would like to thank SCI for their support of Faraday Discussion 175.

If you are a member of the SCI, please contact them for a discount code when registering for the event.

Society for Chemical Industry (SCI)

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