Private evening tour of Cambridge University Botanic Garden

14 May 2015, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Botanic Garden was established as a University teaching and research resource by Professor John Stevens Henslow, and was opened to the public in 1846. Henslow, who inspired his pupil Charles Darwin with a love of natural science, recognised the need to study plants in their own right. He was convinced that trees were the most important plants in the world and these form the framework of the Garden. With a framework of mature trees and shrubs, this paradise of plants comprises diverse, superbly landscaped settings including: the Rock Garden, representing the alpine plants from the mountains of every continent; the Lake and Water Garden, teeming with bird life; tropical rainforest, the alpine house and seasonal displays in the Glasshouses; and the historic Systematic Beds, displaying 1600 hardy representatives of more than 80 families of flowering plants.

Come and meet a descendant of Newton's famous apple tree - and your local SCI and RSC committees.

Tickets cost £10 each, please contact John O'Toole.

Cambridge University

Botanic Garden, Cambridge University, 1 Brookside, Cambridge, CB2 1JE, United Kingdom

Organised by
RSC Mid-Anglia Section SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern Section
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