Fully booked: Public Lecture - Everest Lab: The Science Of High Altitude Survival

3 March 2016 18:30-20:30, London, United Kingdom

What happens to your body when you push it to somewhere it’s not built to go – to the top of the world?

With summit kit, interactive experiments & stunning videos from his trek to the highest lab in the world at Everest Base Camp, join TV & YouTube Science Presenter Greg Foot to find out.

Greg will tell the story of a team of scientists, doctors and children who pushed themselves to extremes to uncover cutting-edge medical treatments and save lives back home This is not only a story of groundbreaking research, it's a story of how modern medicine can lead you on a scientific adventure. 
Greg Foot is a Science Presenter on TV, on YouTube and on Stage. He’s the Science Guy on Blue Peter, hosts multiple series for BBC Worldwide, has wracked up more than 5,000,000 hits on his YouTube films, and writes & presents sell-out spectacular live science shows around the world. He’s also been given the prestigious title of ‘Engagement Fellow’ for The Wellcome Trust. Greg has been frozen, shot and buried alive, built a jet-powered go-kart and a real levitating hoverboard, answered people’s questions from ‘What causes a beer belly?’ to ‘Why do we have pubic hair?’, unleashed giant flamethrowers on stage, and sat inside a bowling ball loop the loop… for science!

As part of the Royal Society of Chemistry's 175th Anniversary celebrations, there will be opportunity to view our 175 Faces of Chemistry exhibition before and after the lecture.

This event is free to attend, however booking is required. Online registration is now open.
The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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