Pan Africa Chemistry Network Congress 2016 - Sustainable Water Resources for Africa

30 November - 2 December 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

This year's Pan Africa Chemistry Network Congress took place at the University of Nairobi, Kenya from 30th November to 2nd December 2016.
This was the 10th PACN Congress, and brought together over 200 participants from across Africa and the globe to discuss current research, challenges, new developments and crucial issues on the topic of Water.
The speaker and participants shared expertise and best practice and discussed cutting edge research and applications.  It reflected the diversity of science and research that can help solve challenges of water security and water safety, with a focus on the chemical sciences.  The conference gave all participants the opportunity to engage with other scientists, exchange ideas and previous events have led to new collaborations and partnerships. 


There were 4 themes covered in the scientific sessions, these were:
  • Water and Health – including sanitation, waterborne disease, pathogen detection, disinfection, disease prevention and disease treatment
  • Wastewater management and treatment – including water reuse in industrial, agricultural and domestic environments
  • Water quality and contamination – including pollutant monitoring, removal of pollutants and analytical techniques
  • Water policy – including the implementation and assessment of chemical science innovations for sustainable water
For all themes there was a focus on innovations that are relevant to decentralised, community scale and/or point of use applications (rural or urban).  Sustainability assessment for new technologies was also of interest.

International Science Programme event

The International Science Programme (ISP) commits long term support to institutionally based research groups and scientific networks in low-income countries, strengthening their research in the basic sciences physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
The Cross Cultural Partnership event took place on the Friday afternoon of the PACN Congress and welcomes all participants to learn more about ISP and to discuss the future development of the programme.
Find further information at:
Abstract Submission
There were 3 types of abstract submission to this years PACN Congress. Please see below for details.
Funding to attend was ONLY be available for African scientists, working in Africa, selected by the scientific committee to make oral presentations or flash presentations.

Oral presentation abstracts

Approximately 10 people were selected to give oral presentations to the conference audience.  Those wishing to present needed to select which session was best suited to their research topic. 
Full funding was given to the 10 selected oral presenters.
Deadline: 23 September 2016

Flash presentation abstracts

Approximately 10 people were selected to give a flash presentation to the conference audience. Those wishing to present needed to select which session was best suited to their research topic. They were also required to produce a poster on their research topic.
Full funding was given to the 10 selected flash presenters.
Deadline: 23 September 2016


We welcomed all registered delegates to bring a poster for display. Abstracts were need to be submitted to the online system by mid-November. Any abstracts received after the deadline may have not be able to be displayed on site.
There is NO FUNDING AVAILABLE to poster presenters.

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
University of Nairobi

University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

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